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A Slight Delay – His Absolute Seduction

Hello! I planned to have the next Billionaire’s Paradigm novella out by this Friday or Saturday, but I’ve needed to push it back a little bit. I had the unfortunate accident of needing to deal with one of my cats who apparently has asthma and hasn’t been doing very well in the heat and new pollen and everything. It’s been kind of rainy here, too, so that hasn’t helped. I know my allergies always get worse with the rain, since I think it spreads around the pollen more and all of that. I’m no pollen/plant scientist, biologist, or whatever, so I don’t know how exactly this works, but I don’t think that matters too much.

Anyways! He was breathing very heavily and panting last night, and he’s been having coughing fits, so I’ve been keeping an eye on him, but… I ended up bringing him to an 24/7 emergency vet just in case. Fortunately it’s just asthma, so it’s not terrible, but I still need to give him some pregnisone pills every so often to make sure he’s doing alright for awhile. I put in the air conditioner and bought a HEPA filter to help out with anything that might screw him up, too.

He’s good now, though! Just a rough couple of days. I’ve been keeping an eye on him and had a vet visit planned, but it’s still been a little stressful, you know? I planned to finish up a lot of writing stuff last night, but then… emergency vet visit.

So I hope everyone’s alright with a slight delay to my newest release. To hold you over in the meantime, I will provide you with a cute picture of my cat being cute. His name is Coffeeshop and he’s a seal point Siamese(not purebred or anything, but generally that), with half a mustache. He’s very nice and loving, but now every time I bring anything next to him(even treats), he thinks I’m going to poison him. He doesn’t like pills, I guess.


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