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Updated as of 8/22/2014 (I will try to update every so often when necessary, but most all the information here should be fairly accurate, regardless) ~

A few people have recently asked me about a book list or a read order for my books, so I thought I’d put up this page to make it easier for anyone who is new to my writing, or just anyone who wants a nice list to check out.

One quick note is that some of my books were originally published as a series (or serial, if you want to call it that, but this isn’t 100% accurate), and then I’ve built on those by expanding them later on (with another series or more books). I understand this can get a little confusing, so hopefully this will help clear that up.

In addition to this list, I’ll also mention if I’d consider this book more sweet or with more spice. I don’t tend to hold back on the sexy parts, and basically all of my books have explicit steamy scenes to them, but some are just more than others.

Anyways, here we go!

The Billionaire’s Ultimatum: His Absolute Need (More on the sweet side. First Jessika & Asher book)

  • His Absolute Conditions
  • His Absolute Requirements
  • His Absolute Instructions
  • His Absolute Orders
  • His Absolute Desires
  • His Absolute Indulgence
  • His Absolute Impulse
  • His Absolute Passion
  • His Absolute Devotion

(Quick side note: Originally these were available as separate e-books, and they still are. It’s obviously more beneficial to buy the full series version instead of each part separately. I did it this way because it takes awhile to write everything, and some people prefer releases sooner rather than later. So for the people who wanted faster releases, they could buy the individual books in order. For people who don’t mind waiting, they can wait for the complete series version. The complete series versions generally take quite a bit longer to be released, though. If you want updates on how any of my writing is going, you should sign up for my mailing list. There’s a link on the right side up above)

The Billionaire’s Paradigm: His Absolute Purpose (More on the sweet side. First Elise & Lucent book. Happens ~6 months after The Billionaire’s Ultimatum, but can be read separately, too)

  • His Absolute Obsession
  • His Absolute Attraction
  • His Absolute Compulsion
  • His Absolute Temptation
  • His Absolute Domination
  • His Absolute Seduction
  • His Absolute Intensity

Tie-in short story:

  • His by Elise Tanner (Only available on Amazon. Happens at an undetermined time after the events of The Billionaire’s Paradigm. Heavy on the spice)

The Billionaire’s Continuum (More on the sweet side. Contains two side by side series, Jessika’s Love Story and Elise’s Love Story. Both Love Stories occur at the same time, but heavily involve each other. While it’s possible to read them separately, i.e. just Jessika’s Love Story or just Elise’s Love Story, I would personally suggest you read them together. The Billionaire’s Continuum happens ~12 months after The Billionaire’s Ultimatum and ~6 months after The Billionaire’s Paradigm. Preferably read those two first)

(Quick side note: At this time I’m uncertain as to whether these will be turned into a full series combined e-book because of the extensive nature of the stories. They’re all much longer than previous series books, and individually are full-length novels all on their own)

Preferred read order:

  • His Absolute Arrangement (Jessika’s Love Story)
  • His Absolute Assignment (Elise’s Love Story)
  • His Absolute Insistence (Jessika’s Love Story)
  • His Absolute Betrayal (Elise’s Love Story)
  • His Absolute Authority (Jessika’s Love Story)

(and more to come in the future)

These are all of my Contemporary Romantic Suspense Billionaire (with BDSM aspects) Romance Books

Continued, we have…

The Monster Within: Elemental Love (Possibly my sweetest story, at least as far as I’m concerned, haha. Opinions may vary)

  • Spark of Hope
  • Bolt of Trust
  • Breath of Bliss
  • Drop of Doubt
  • Ember of Ecstasy
  • Rise of Spirit
  • Bastion of Solace

(Does not currently tie-in with any other books)

Next up is…

Breathless (Much more on the sweet side. First Sadie and Evan book)

  • Soulless
  • Heartless
  • Hopeless

(There will likely be more to come, but that’s it for my paranormal romance books. These do not tie in with any other books)

And on to…

Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance (This is more of a silly fun romantic comedy with some spice)

  • Princess Miri
  • Princess Miri’s Wet Sticky Mess
  • Princess Miri’s Naughty Notion
  • Allysin’s Sexy Side Story
  • Princess Miri’s Indecent Desires
  • Princess Miri’s Deviant Display
  • Princess Miri’s Reluctant Confession
  • Fleur’s Erotic Epilogue

(While I consider Princess Miri to be romantic in its own way, I guess others might disagree. It’s a different kind of romance, at least. I really like it, myself)

Tie-in short story:

  • Princess Miri’s Memoirs: Exclusive (Only available on Amazon)

(Princess Miri’s Memoirs should preferably be read after the Princess Miri novel/series)

If you like sexy and fun stories like this, you may also enjoy:

  • The Prince’s Pet
  • The Prince’s Contract
  • Vanima’s Messy Mix Up
  • Vanima’s Dirty Dilemma
  • Phantom Summoner’s – Intensely Eager Imp
  • Tart
  • Caitlyn St. Cyr

And lastly…

Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Super heavy on the spice…)

  • Hunted by the Beast
  • Claimed by the Beast
  • Taken by the Beast
  • Used by the Beast
  • Bound by the Beast

Tie-in novella/another erotic fairy tale (can be read before or after, only vaguely related):
Bargain with the Wolf

If you enjoy these, you may also like:

  • Moonlight Secret
  • Midnight Secret
  • Holly’s Secret (contains by Moonlight and Midnight Secret)
  • Dominant Dreams
  • Sex Kitten

Those are my erotic fairy tale books (and books with more spice to them)

Any books not mentioned likely don’t tie in to anything and/or can be read whenever you like.

Super Quickie Flow Chart:

If you like sweeter romance, you will likely enjoy:
The Billionaire’s Ultimatum: His Absolute Need
The Billionaire’s Paradigm: His Absolute Purpose
Jessika’s Love Story: The Billionaire’s Continuum series
Elise’s Love Story: The Billionaire’s Continuum series
The Monster Within: Elemental Love

If you enjoy romantic comedy with more spice, you will likely enjoy:
Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance

If you enjoy something really hot and heavy with a lot of spice, you will likely enjoy:
Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

I urge everyone to read the samples of these if they sound interesting, too. You can usually get a good feel for what my books are about by the samples.

If you have any questions about anything, or if you think I’ve missed something, definitely let me know, too! Leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at and I’ll get back to you and update the page if necessary.

Let me know what you think :)

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